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Week Ending April 11, 2014

How a law would blatantly mislead consumers  TIME 

The new bill is strongly supported by the airline industry. That alone gives a pretty good indication it’s a bad deal for travelers. Last month, the Transparent Airfares Act of 2014 was introduced in the House, with the stated goal to “restore transparency to the advertising of U.S. airline ticket prices, and ensure that airfare advertisements are not forced to hide the costs of government from consumers.” The bill was proposed in response to federal regulations passed two years ago that required taxes and fees to be included in the prices featured in airline advertising. 

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Online choice stifled by lack of competition  EurActiv   

Consumer choice to access the best services at the most convenient prices depends on the availability of competing offers, a pillar of antitrust policy that is increasingly put into question by the growing power of online “free” services. The dominant business model on the Internet is based on services provided allegedly for free, such as social networking, search or emails. In fact, these services require users to relinquish a massive amount of personal data.

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EU bets on consumer rights  Euractiv  

The European Commission is stepping up its efforts to inform and protect consumers when they shop online, in a bid to boost e-commerce. A new directive on consumer rights is supposed to be law in all member states by mid-June, when the transposition period ends for the rules adopted by the EU in November 2011. 

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Problems with Big Data  NYT  

Big data is suddenly everywhere. Everyone seems to be collecting it, analyzing it, making money from it and celebrating (or fearing) its powers. Whether we’re talking about analyzing zillions of Google search queries to predict flu outbreaks, or zillions of phone records to detect signs of terrorist activity, or zillions of airline stats to find the best time to buy plane tickets, big data is on the case. 

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Millennials trust peers  Mashable

It seems as if millennials have avoided traditional media ever since they learned how to read. The results of new research by marketing startup Crowdtap and the global research company Ipsos shed new light on how the connected generation gets its news. When it comes to trust, it turns out, millennials almost always choose their peers over professionals. User-generated content (UGC) is media created by your peers. It includes status updates, blog posts and restaurant reviews — any content from non-professionals without any real motivation besides adding an opinion to the sea of already existing opinions. In a more logical world, it isn't the type of content we'd trust over a professional's review.

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