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With support from CIGNA Corporation and 16 other major corporations, Kevin Mitchell formed the Business Travel Contractors Corporation (BTCC) in 1994 as a corporate buying group to advance fundamental reforms to the airline industry distribution system. The broad industry shift to net airfares and travel agency fee-based pricing during the 1990s are initiatives that BTCC advanced. (See 10-year anniversary article here.) (See 15-year anniversary article here.)

In 1996 Business Travel Coalition (BTC) was formed as an advocacy organization to bring transparency to industry and government policies and practices so that the managed travel community could influence issues of strategic importance to their organizations. BTC represents the interests of the managed travel community in Washington and Brussels and within the travel industry.

As chairman, Kevin Mitchell writes and speaks on airline competition, travel distribution, passenger issues and aviation system security. Mitchell frequently testifies before the U.S. Congress and other governmental bodies in the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, BTC publishes its daily news compendium Travelogue in 80 countries and provides the industry with a variety of business services.

Mitchell was recognized by Business Travel News as one of the 25 most influential travel industry executives for 1994, 1996, 1997 and 2008 and was designated Man of the Year in 1998 by the Commercial Travelers Association and Person of The Year for 1998 and 1999 by Travel Agent Magazine. Mitchell is sought after for commentary on travel industry developments by all manner of news outlets.

Mitchell is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. Mitchell worked for CIGNA Corp. for 12 years where as Vice President, Human Resources and Services his responsibilities included:

     Corporate Travel 

     Corporate Aviation 

     Meetings and Incentives 

     Event Marketing 


     Corporate Safety 

     Eagle Lodge Conference Resort

Mitchell lives in Radnor, PA with his wife Linda.


“Kevin is a thought leader who is consistently ahead of the curve in terms of helping decision-makers understand the critical issues that impact the travel industry and their business. His pro-active efforts tend to result in creative and strategic solutions that add real value for the industry and travel managers alike.” - Vaughn Cordle, CFA, Owner, airlineforecasts, LLC

“Kevin is one of the most productive people in the travel industry. He is the conscience of the industry, acting as an advocate for all aspects of the industry. He tries to right the wrongs that occur and goes after them with a focused, single-minded pursuit. Kevin is creative thinker, passionate in his pursuits, and not only understands the issues he is currently working, but develops and implements a strategy on how to correct. He is one of the best I have ever met at building relationships, partnerships and/or coalitions. I am always in awe on how hard he works and more importantly, what he accomplishes.” - Chris Dane, President, HRG North America-Affiliates Program

“I have worked with Kevin on numerous projects and would highly recommend him. In each campaign project he embarks on he does so with so much passion, energy and tenacity that I'm always glad I'm on his side!” - Paul Tilstone, Chief Executive, Institute of Travel Management

“Kevin Mitchell is a true professional, an individual always looking for the best in any situation. He is a futuristic thinker, not afraid to address issues head-on in an honest, but objective manner. Kevin is one who looks for best solutions to problems or concerns. He listens to the opinions of others, incorporates different views and ideas when analyzing topics of concern. I do not hesitate to recommend Kevin Mitchell in any capacity.” Kevin Maguire, Director of Global Travel Services, Applied Materials

“I've had the privilege of knowing Kevin for over a decade and he clearly is the industry icon for business travel legislation and regulation. Kevin's tireless efforts ensure that Congress, the EU Commission and other regulatory authorities address the needs of business travelers, and the corporations behind them. Kevin is the guardian at the gate for the business travel community.” - Andy Menkes, Chairman and CEO, Partnership Travel Consulting, LLC

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Kevin. He brings wisdom, perspective and a strategic thought process to every discussion. I also have great respect for his dedication and commitment to tackling the most pressing and challenging issues in the travel industry. He is truly courageous and caring.” - Donna Gutierrez, Vice President Sales, FLO Corporation

"I have known Kevin for many years and during that time have witnessed the significant body work he has put together around the BTC. He has been a tireless advocate for the industry and has become one of its leading spokespersons on both the business and political fronts. I have participated in panels that Kevin has moderated or been a part of and he is a true Subject Matter Expert on all things Business Travel related. He is always well prepared, professional and a pleasure to work with, and I recommend him highly and without any hesitation." Tony D'Astolfo, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Rearden Commerce

“Kevin and the Business Travel Coalition have a proven track-record as a strong and independent advocate for the corporate travel industry. Kevin posses the clear vision and ability needed to inspire and bring the diverse stakeholder groups together into collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships.” - Ethan Z Simon, Director, Communications and PR, RADIUS

“Kevin is nothing short of an absolutely outstanding individual and exceptional visionary. His is a family man as well as a highly astute businessman, who has been an entrepreneur while being widely considered the voice of the business travel industry. Kevin is a highly principled individual who deals ethically and straight up whether talking business or testifying before Congress. He is highly respected by the industry he serves and takes great care of his clients. It has been my pleasure and honor to work closely with Kevin over the past three years. Kevin uses his industry stature to develop strategic initiatives that serve business travelers and corporate travel managers all over the globe. Kevin balances this visionary leadership with the ability to develop strategic and tactical plans necessary to achieve the business goals of his clients. I am fortunate to consider Kevin a close colleague and my own professional career has been enhanced significantly from our business relationship and friendship.” Luke Thomas, COO, FLO Corporation

“Kevin is a recognized and trusted advocate for the travel industry. I appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise at any time - and value the information provided via the BTC Travelogue.” - Nancy Sutherland, Travel Program Director, The University of Texas System Administration

“I worked together with the BTC and Kevin on different subjects and I can only express my sincere appreciation for the professional and focused approach trying to solve the issues the business travel community is faced with.” Pascal Struyve, president BATM;” Pascal Struyve, Global Travel & Meeting Services Director, Ingersoll Rand

“I have known Kevin for years and have worked closely with him for the past several and can say that there are very few people in this industry whom I have met who are as strategic in perspective or as focused on the customer. Kevin truly loves his industry and works untiringly on behalf of those who largely finance it – the corporate customer. The entire travel industry has benefited many times over due to Kevin's perseverance and determination. He is a class-act!” - Fred Fischer, SVP Strategic Sales, FLO Corporation

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for about 7 years through his partnership with The Travel Team on several occasions. I value the knowledge that Kevin shares daily through the BTC Travelogue. Kevin has been a wonderful advocate for the corporate travel community, including his recent work to assist agents recently affected by our current economic crisis. Thank you Kevin for your dedication and hard work.” - Bonnie Abramowski, Director of Technology, The Travel Team, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kevin for many years and have always found him to be a tremendous resource on the goings on within our very complex industry. Kevin is without a doubt one of the key players in our industry and is well respected by everyone whether on the "buyer" or "supplier" side. Kevin is always one of the first people I turn to when I'm looking for solutions to issues or changes within my travel program.” – Alex McAdam, CCTE, Director Corporate Travel Management - CACI, Travelocity Business

“I was an attorney on Capitol Hill working for a Member of Congress when I first began teaming up with Kevin. Kevin was advocating on behalf of business travelers at a time when major air carriers had a lock on prices for business travelers. Kevin very effectively garnered support among lawmakers and media to begin addressing the impact of high fares on communities and businesses alike. His work helped lay the groundwork for low-cost carriers like jet Blue to enter numerous under-served markets around the country.” Stuart Spencer, Esq.

“Kevin has been a trusted source of travel industry intelligence for nearly 15 years. During that time, we have worked alongside Kevin to successfully address numerous challenges and regularly monitor his industry updates.” Charles E. Brownfield III President and CEO - GHA; Partner & CMO Sedona Resorts, Global Hospitality Advisors, LLC and Sedona Resorts

“Kevin is the consummate professional. As his colleague, I have seen many examples of his talent and have long been impressed by his diligence and work ethic. Kevin’s ability to perform under pressure and under tight deadlines is impeccable.” Colin Mclaughlin, Sr. Vice President, FLO Corporation

“Having known Kevin for several years, I can certainly attest to his commitment to containing corporate travel costs. He assumed a leadership role in seeking concessions from airlines on their fares when this was a major issue. Since then Kevin has formed the Coalition and continues to earn respect for his advocacy.” - Rolfe Shellenberger, SENIOR CONSULTANT, RUNZHEIMER INTERNATIONAL 

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