12-16 - U.S. Airlines Add Misleading Tax Claims To List of Shameless Behaviors

12-08 - Delta Campaign Against Gulf Carrier Subsidies Is Built On A House of Cards

12-07 - It Is Time Again for Travel Buyers to Intervene in the Supply Side of the Market

11-23 - Gulf Carriers Growing The U.S. Aviation Pie

11-16 - Paris Terror Attack Impact On Travel Demand

11-10 - U.S. DOJ Sues United Airlines and Delta Air Lines Over Newark Slot Sale 

11-01 - What Now For Aviation Liberalization

10-28 - U.S. Airlines Poorly Advised On Gulf Carrier War Entering Drawdown Phase

10-22 - Hillary Clinton Calls Out U.S. Major Network Airlines

09-22 - Open Skies.travel Statement Re Kerry Meeting

09-17 - BTC Letter To New United Airlines’ CEO

09-15 - U.S. Major Airlines’ War on Foreign Carrier New Entry Having Consequences

09-10 - BTC Reply To LHG Letter

09-09 - The United Airlines Prism

09-08 - The Consumer Is The ‘North Star’

09-01 - Lufthansa Group’s Surcharge Could Cost The Airline Industry Billions of Euros

08-14 - BTC Letter To Regulators Re Lufthansa Group Surcharge

08-13 - AirChannelChoice.travel Mobilizes Industry To Petition Antitrust Authorities

08-13 - Industry Letter, Comments to Lufthansa Group

08-04 - Survey: 98% of Travel Professionals Support USG Open Skies Policy

07-14 - The U.S. Big Three Airlines Want It Both Ways

07-02 - BTC Calls On U.S. State Attorneys General To Reengage On Competition Problem

07-02 - BTC Letter To State Attorneys General

07-01 - BTC Applauds U.S. DOJ Investigation of Airline Coordination On “Capacity Discipline"

06-30 - Survey: 89% of Consumers Support U.S. Government Open Skies Policy

06-25 - Coalition Formed To Preserve Travel Distribution Channel Choice

06-14 - Don’t Poke The Bear!

06-09 - BTC Letter To DOT Secretary Foxx Re NAI Application

06-04 - The Bundeskartellamt Should Investigate Lufthansa Group's Anti-Consumer Proposal

06-01 War On Competition Has Caused Industry Uncertainty

05-26 - Members of U.S. Congress Are Advocating the “Mother of all Subsidies”

05-20 - Some U.S. Airlines Seek Reduced Distribution Channel Competition

05-15 - Open Skies Policy Creates U.S. Jobs

05-15 - Those Living In Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

04-21 - Why Are The U.S. BIG 3 Airlines Silent On Consumer Harm From Gulf Carriers?

04-14 - Some U.S. Carriers Want Government Shelter From Foreign Competitors

04-08 - The USG Spent $155 Billion In Support Of Airlines

03-31 - Travel Industry Urges Maryland Governor to Reject Burdensome Tax On Travel

03-31 - Industry Letter To MD Governor Hogan Re New Travel Tax

03-27 - Is It Time To Deploy Drone Technology In Commercial Aircraft Cockpits? 

03-25 - A Unified Theory Of Airline Behavior; The PFC Prism

03-05 - Questions BIG 3 Need To Answer In Seeking Gov. Protection From Foreign Airlines

03-04 - Are Airlines Overtaxed?

03-02 - Ultimately, the 1% will not succeed!

02-25 - U.S. Aviation Open Skies Policy Under Attack

02-17 - U.S. Airlines Need To Reconnect With Their Customers, Up Their Game

02-09 - BTC Press Release Regarding DOT Investigation Of Airline Fuel Surcharges

02-09 - BTC Calls For U.S. DOT Investigation of Airline Fuel Surcharging

02-07 - BTC Memo to EU and U.S. Governments Regarding Attack on Open Skies Policy

02-03 - The War On Open Skies Agreements Has Opened On All Fronts

01-22 - OpenSkies.travel To Promote Open Skies Policies And Robust Aviation


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