12-16 - BTC Applauds U.S. DOT Approval Of NAI Application To Serve The U.S

12-06 - Preserving Competition In A Radically Consolidated Industry Is Critical

11-17 - Open Skies Policy Represents the Gold Standard for Trade Deals 

06-08 - U.S. Senators Lee, Klobuchar and Blumenthal Take On Airline Collusion

05-26 - The U.S. Has A Brussels Problem  

05-24 - Foreign Carrier New Entry Critical In Transatlantic Market

05-23 - BTC Comments To U.S. DOT In Support Of NAI Application

05-19 - Eliminate The Airport Security Emergency Before It’s A Crisis

05-18 - Delta Air Lines Punishes Atlanta Theater

05-12 - Press Call Re Norwegian Air International 

05-11 - Industry Organizations To Discuss NAI's Application to Serve The U.S.

05-11 - OpenSkies.travel Applauds Obama Administration For Its Decision on NAI

05-05 - Congressman Larsen and the IAM Leave Consumers and Boeing Workers At The Gate

04-29 NAI To Bring Needed Competition And Affordable Fares To The Transatlantic Market

04-20 - What Might EC Antitrust Charges Against Google Have In Common With Airlines?

04-19 - Delta Air Lines Dropped Its Booking Fees

04-18 - BTC Letter To U.S. Presidential Candidates

04-15 - NAI Application To Serve U.S. Cities Poised For Final Government Approval

04-14 - Reestablishing A Private Remedy For Consumer Harm in Commercial Aviation

04-08 - New U.S. Airline Fare Policy Is Anticonsumer In The Extreme

04-05 - Consumer Group Letter To U.S. Senate Regarding Ancillary Fees

04-01 - BTC Letter To U.S. DOJ Airline Coordination on Airfare Policy

03-31 - Three Ways To Think About A Virgin America Sale

03-15 - Airline Consumers Have a Seat At The Table in the Senate Commerce Committee

03-14 Airlines To Invoke George Orwell

03-09 - BTC Applauds Senator Markey’s Leadership On Behalf Of Consumers

03-09 - The Big Three U.S. Airlines Have A Lot To Answer For

03-08 - Are Airlines Overtaxed?

03-07 - Is There Rationale To Justify Federal Government Action?

02-28 - Senate Has Unique Opportunity To Champion Consumers’ Interests 

02-25 - A Unified Theory Of Airline Behavior

02-22 - BTC Calls For Investigation of Airline Fuel Surcharges

02-22 - BTC Letter To U.S. DOT Regarding Fuel Surcharges

02-18 - Consumer Groups’ Letter To Sen. Commerce Committee Re Curbelo Amendment

02-10 - Congress About To Reverse Critical Consumer Protection

02-08 - 2 Ways Aviation Policy Can Act As A Prism For Voter Discontent In NH

02-01 - One Highly Efficient Way To Stay Current With Zika Virus Developments

01-04 - Maryland Senate Bill 190 Represents Dangerous New Tax on Business Travelers

01-01 - Developments That Will Affect Consumers and Travel Agencies In 2016?

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