Safety Deposit Box


September [  ], 2014

Mr. Mike Pedersen

President and Chief Executive Officer

TD Bank

1701 Route 70 East Cherry Hill,
New Jersey 08034

Dear Mr. Pedersen,

I have been a long-time business and personal customer of TD Bank. In 2012, I was notified that new safety deposit boxes were going to be installed at the Wayne, PA office and that I would be assigned a new box. I never heard anything more about the installation or the process. When on Friday, September 6, 2014 I arrived at the bank to access my box, bank staff could not find my box and, remarkably, my access signature card was missing. Bank staff told me that I no longer had a safety deposit box, but that they would look around to see if they could find the contents of my box.

After approximately 40 minutes, bank staff reappeared and handed my box contents to me in a sealed plastic bag within which were my jewelry pouches and documents. The bag, which I kept, had several fields for process documentation including one for an authorizing signature, which was blank; all fields were blank. Upon cutting the plastic bag open, two pieces of my jewelry fell out. The jewelry pouches are always securely closed. Therefore, the only possible conclusion is that bank staff opened my jewelry pouches.

Given that there was no information on the bag, and that it took some 40 minutes to discover my valuables, the possibility exists that my contents were on a shelf or in a drawer for two years and then placed in the sealed bag on Friday. Researching the control number on the bag would likely tie it to a batch of bags and a timeframe.

While never explaining why I was not contacted to come to the bank to receive a new box, and to be present as the contents were transferred, staff on Friday assigned me a new safety deposit box. I was shocked and stunned as I left the bank with my jewelry pouches and attempted to process what had just happened. I could not even think straight. Later in the day I examined the jewelry in the pouches. Several valuable heirloom pieces of jewelry of great sentimental and financial value were missing. I was and continue to be emotionally distraught and feel violated.

TD bank had no right or authorization to open my box without my consent and presence. Highly confidential documents and valuables were accessible to bank employees for viewing or theft. Making the situation even more egregious, there was no authorizing bank staff signature on the bag with my contents or evidence of dual control where two bank employees were present during this unfortunate breach of my rights and privacy. With my signature card missing, the audit trail of who accessed my box and when is non-existent.  

Jewelry was stolen; a crime committed. I would prefer to resolve this without the involvement of police detectives and lawyers or the likely press stories that would follow. I want assurances that a thorough audit will be conducted and that proper controls will have been put in place so this does not happen again. Other bank customers need to be apprised so that they can review the inventory of their safety deposit boxes. I want appropriate compensation and an apology. This issue must be resolved by Friday, September 19 or I will have little choice but to turn this matter over to an attorney that specializes in this area.


Linda Mitchell

Copy: Jose O. Roman, Assistant Vice President, Store Manager Wayne, P

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