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The World Health Organization (WHO) is projecting that the mosquito-borne Zika virus will spread rapidly in the coming months. The purpose of the Zika.travel Resource Center is to provide travel managers and the travel and tourism industry with efficient and timely access to breaking news, analyses, tools and important government links concerning this virus for decision-making purposes. The resource center can be accessed at Zika.travel and is updated daily. READ MORE


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Map Of At-Risk Area For Virus Transmission

Press Coverage

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  • 02-08 Ehe technology to destroy all Zika mosquitoes  MIT
  • 02-08 Committee to athletes: consider not attending  Reuters
  • 02-08 Travel hot spots added to Zika list  Courier Mail
  • 02-08 White House seeks $1.8B to fight Zika  Washington Times
  • 02-05 Washington downplaying Zika virus threat to US  Fox News
  • 02-03 Zika infects the travel industry  Investopedia
  • 02-03 Gov. Scott declares Zika Virus health emergency  WFLA
  • 02-03 NHS stops people from giving blood  Guardian
  • 01-31 WHO to decide if virus is a global emergency  Daily Mail
  • 01-31 Athletes weigh Zika virus risk  New Zealand Herald
  • 01-30 Zika infects 2,100 pregnant Colombian women  CBS
  • 01-30 A bigger global health threat than Ebola  The Guardian
  • 01-30 Sex warning issued in the UK over Zika  Evening Standard
  • 01-30 Some in travel industry brace for impact  Bloomberg
  • 01-30 Putin orders scientists to develop vaccine  Independent
  • 01-30 Jamaica reports its first case of Zika virus  USAToday
  • 01-29 Starting from ground zero with vaccine  Huffington Post
  • 01-29 Vaccine may be 10 years away  NYT
  • 01-28 The Zika virus isn’t just an epidemic  Foreign Policy
  • 01-28 How the Zika virus is affecting travel  NYT

Important Government Links Regarding Zika

U.S. Centers For Desease Control and Prevention

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

New Zealand Ministry of Health

World Health Organization (WHO)

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WHO Re Zika In Guadeloupe

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WHO Re Zika In Haiti

WHO Re Zika In Honduras

JIS.gov Re Zika In Jamaica

WHO Re Zika In Martinique

WHO Re Zika In Mexico

WHO Re Zika In Panama

WHO Re Zika In Paraguay

WHO Re Zika In Puerto Rico

WHO Re Zika In Saint Martin

CDC Re Zika In Samoa

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GOV UK Re Zika In United Kingdom 

WHO Re United States

WHO Re Zika In Venezuela

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Curacao (coming soon)

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