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Without consultation with its distributors, or most valuable contract customers, the Lufthansa Group’s (LHG) recently announced proposal that it would surcharge customers 16 Euros if they purchase a ticket anywhere other than its websites, service centers and airport ticket counters beginning on 1 September 2015. The LHG’s plans, if implemented as currently proposed, would have negative worldwide implications for the competitive structure of the industry, travel agents and their customers.

LHG claims that the goal of its Distribution Cost Charge (DCC) program is to reduce distribution costs. However, that claim is belied by the fact that the surcharge would not be applied to the two most expensive LHG distribution outlets – its own airport ticket offices and reservation centers. DCC is a revenue generation strategy. In the process of seeking to extract more revenue from the managed-travel community LHG would, of course, create substantial collateral damage and not just transfer costs, but create new costs within the industry by effectively insisting on its direct-connect strategy for its contracted customers. Please find information on this page that helps illuminate this issue.

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